The cultural celebration was held Saturday, November 18 at 1pm. It was a wonderful event and we thank all those who helped make it possible! 


Ten Answered Questions about the Meridian Temple Youth Cultural Celebration

 What is a Youth Cultural Celebration?

The handbook from Church Headquarters states:  “A cultural celebration may be held in conjunction with the temple dedication as requested by the First Presidency.  This event should celebrate the local culture as well as the history of the Church in the area.  It should also convey a spiritual message.  It may include traditional dances and costumes.  The cultural celebration is an opportunity to involve the youth of the temple district in the preparations for the dedication of the house of the Lord.  It should be a spiritually uplifting event that inspires the youth to make the temple a part of their lives and that strengthens their testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.”

  1. When and where will the Meridian Temple Youth Cultural Celebration be presented?

The Meridian Temple Youth Cultural Celebration (YCC) will be presented Saturday, November 18, 2017 at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho.  The time of the event is not yet determined.   Families should note the date and arrange their Thanksgiving Break travel plans so that their youth do not miss this special opportunity.  Most families will watch the Youth Cultural Celebration from a live stream to their Stake Center.

  1. Who will be invited to participate?

 All youth age twelve (by November 18) to eighteen (seniors in high school) are invited to participate in either the dance number assigned to their stake or in the 1000-Voice YCC Choir.  Eleven-year-olds who will be twelve by the age deadline who wish to participate should prepare to attend rehearsals.  

  1. When will the rehearsals be?

Rehearsals will occur during Mutual from September 13 to November 15.  There will also be two Saturday morning rehearsals scheduled by the individual stakes in late October or November.  A full dress rehearsal is planned for the day of the event.

  1. What is the theme and structure of the Meridian Temple Youth Cultural Celebration?

The theme, “Be Strong, Steadfast, and Immovable,” comes from the Meridian Temple’s unique name and location. The Boise Meridian Line was drawn back in 1867 as the one absolute, immovable line to govern all surveys in the state of Idaho. As the leading character in the production exclaims,” Could there be a more perfect symbol? Just as all of Idaho and regions beyond were surveyed and measured according to this one geographic line, so should all my life decisions be guided and measured by the Lord’s line. And just as the Meridian line runs straight north with no deviation, so should we strive to live our lives.”

Throughout the production, Grandpa, a retired surveyor, shares with his two grandchildren the various treasures he has found while tramping around southwest Idaho. Each artifact reveals an interesting aspect of our Idaho heritage, as well as a meaningful connection to the temple and the restored gospel. Each idea is developed through song and dance by individual stakes.

  1. How can people enjoy the Youth Cultural Celebration?

Regardless of the venue selected, no venue is large enough to accommodate the large audience who desire to experience the YCC.  For that reason, the Church broadcasting crew will be streaming the live production to church buildings throughout the temple district.  Limited tickets inside the venue will be apportioned to each of the sixteen stakes to distribute.

  1. How can each stake support the Youth Cultural Celebration?

Each stake is asked to provide (1) a stake costume/prop coordinator to oversee the costumes and props used in the dance number assigned to that stake, (2) two choir director assistants and one accompanist to oversee YCC Choir rehearsals on the stake level,  (3) a dance director couple from each ward who, under the supervision of the choreographer assigned to their stake, will teach the dance on the ward level, and (4) a stake dance director couple who facilitates stake dance rehearsals, under the supervision of the choreographer.  In addition, many adults will be needed to serve as chaperones, ushers, food service helpers, and prop/costume helpers. 

  1. How can I make the Youth Cultural Celebration a missionary opportunity?

Inviting your neighbors and friends to attend is the very best way.  Another way is to talk about it.  Share what your stake is performing, what you are doing to contribute, and your feelings about it.  Remember that the YCC is primarily for the LDS youth within the temple district.  Certainly, non-member youth who regularly attend Mutual are invited to participate, but it is not appropriate to “recruit” non-member youth to participate in the YCC.

  1. How many youth will be in the Youth Cultural Celebration? Where do they come from, and what will they do?

We expect 6,000 youth to participate.  These youth come from the sixteen stakes within the temple district:  Caldwell, Caldwell East, Eagle, Emmett, La Grande, Meridian, Meridian Linder, Meridian North, Meridian Settlers Park, Meridian West, Middleton, Nampa North, Nyssa, Ontario, Star, and Weiser.

We expect that 1000 youth will choose to participate in our amazing YCC Choir, which performs five numbers in the production.  Early on, singers will rehearse within their stake, then usually with another stake, and finally as the grand 1000-Voice YCC Choir, making many new friends along the way.  We expect that nearly 5,000 youth will choose to participate in the dance number assigned to their stake.  We promise that every dance will be fun!  A professional choreographer is working with each stake to create a dance the youth will love to perform.  Besides performing their stake number, most dancers will also participate in either the Grand Opening number, or the Grand Closing number in which we will have over 1,500 youth on the floor!

  1. Why should youth participate?

If you are a youth who wants to strengthen your testimony, develop your love for the temple, increase in your self-esteem, develop your talents, make new friends, and have a lot of fun, then the Youth Cultural Celebration is for you!  Your participation in the YCC will be a treasured memory and a spiritual highlight in your life.  This is your opportunity to perform for our beloved prophets and apostles and to feel of their Spirit and their great love for the youth of the Church.  Come join us as we celebrate how we can prepare now to receive the blessings of the temple by being “Strong, Steadfast, and Immovable.”